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Our puppies are raised with PUPPY CULTURE.

Puppy culture gives you a clear roadmap for raising puppies including early neurological stimulation, emotional resiliency exercises, safe early socialization, harnessing the enrichment effect, weaning setup and suggestions developmental and fear periods preparing puppy buyers how to hold a safe and effective puppy party puzzles games and problem-solving, anti-aggression protocols, leash walking, recall, potty training, crate training, manding, learning to recognize appropriate playmates for your puppy, instructions for setting up safe socialization sessions, how to find a good puppy class, balancing vaccinations safety with socialization and problem prevention including resource guarding, body handling, biting and jumping plus many more lessons, tips and nuggets of wisdom.

For our future families we highly recomend "Demand To Win Puppies: Attantion Is A Mother Of All Behaviors".

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